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Manhattan Kansas
Kennel Club

Capital City Circuit

The Manhattan Kansas Kennel Club (MKKC) hosts two American Kennel Club (AKC) unbenched all-breed dog shows, obedience trial and rally obedience on the fourth weekend in August each year. The MKKC clusters with Topeka Kennel Club’s two-day show and together, the Clubs are excited to offer a multi-day, dog show extravaganza called the Capital City Circuit. This is an American Kennel Club Sanctioned Event and confirming details can be found at AKC's home page, or for a premium at the superintendent's website,

The Capital City Circuit is held at the Topeka Landon Arena, and obedience trials and rally are held at the Agriculture Hall. Grooming and crating are located at the Stormont Vail Event Center. All sites are located on the block of Topeka Blvd. and Twenty-First Street, in non-smoking, air-conditioned buildings.

Comments and Thank Yous

Thank you, Manhattan Kennel Club, for a fun weekend of Rally in Topeka. We enjoyed the courses very much, and I particularly liked the judges. I heard some whispers about the judges being too strict, but judges with high expectations do the most for our sport. That is important to me and it is surely important to your club that is so closely linked to the conception of Rally-O.

These judges each took time after every class to help handlers learn how to improve their scores. I particularly appreciated Aimee taking time to help many in the advanced class learn how to do a proper pivot, even before the class started! Not all judges care enough to do these things for us.

We were honored to bring home High Combined and High Triple Score on Friday and Saturday. The ribbons are lovely, but the most meaningful thing that came home with us was the Kramer Memorial Trophy. Dr. Kramer is a particular hero of mine, and we will treasure this always! Thank you. 

You’ll see us again, for Topeka is one of our favorites!

—Pam Fusselman and Dazzle

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