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Manhattan Kansas
Kennel Club

MKKC Training Protocol Following the Current Riley County, Kansas COVID-19 Health Order

It is important we make people feel safe and we will provide a united front to the community and city of Manhattan. MKKC will follow the current Riley County COVID-19 Health Order to ensure proper social distancing.

Participant Requirements

  1. Each class participant will be required to wear a mask.
  2. Classes will not exceed nine class participants in total.
  3. Only one trainer and their dog will be allowed in the building.
  4. Class participants will register on the first night of each training class in the training building lobby with only one owner and dog allowed at a time in the lobby.
  5. To allow for social distancing there are eight 6-foot taped areas marked for class participants as well as taped areas on the west side of the building.

Instructor Requirements

  1. Registration requirements: Instructor or Training Director will receive payment and proof of vaccination records from each class participant in the lobby one at a time.
  2. Each instructor will be required to wear a mask when teaching.
  3. To ensure proper social distancing classes will be limited to nine participants and one instructor.
  4. Class participants will be directed to the eight 6-foot areas which are taped off to maintain proper social distancing.
  5. For Agility and Rally classes instruction will be presented on a rotating basis so all class members can participate in physical training while remaining class members wait in the taped areas on the west side of the building.
  6. Following each training class, the instructor will clean and disinfect common surfaces and training equipment using disposable gloves, household cleaner and paper towels provided by the club.
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