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To enroll in one of our classes please complete this form. If you have questions about a class or would like to request private sessions, please click the corresponding instructor name below to send an email. Course participation requires training director and/or instructor consent. Course fees are listed beow. Private sessions begin at $20 for 30 minutes.

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          S.T.A.R./Super Puppy Obedience Rally Agility
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  Course Instructor Day Time Dates
S.T.A.R./Super Puppy
10 weeks to under 6 months
Kay Cassella Tues 6:00 PM Jan 17-Feb 28
Basic Obedience Anna Lane Mon 5:30 PM Jan 9-Feb 20
Basic Obedience Brianna Nipper Thurs 5:30 PM Jan 12-Feb 23
Basic Obedience Tiffany Oberdorf Thurs 6:30 PM Jan 12-Feb 23
Beginning Agility Dale Bormann
& Susan Keller
Wed 6:30 PM Jan 11-Mar 1
Intermediate Agility Dale Bormann
& Susan Keller
Wed 7:30 PM Jan 11-Mar 1
Advanced Agility Susan Keller Sun 1:00 PM Jan 8-Feb 26
Rally Novice Obedience Susan Keller
& Anna Lane
Mon 6:30 PM Jan 9-Feb 27
Rally Advanced Obedience Susan Keller
& Anna Lane
Mon 7:30 PM Jan 9-Feb 27
CGC Test Susan Keller Sat 1:00 PM Feb 25
CGCA Test Susan Keller Sat 1:00 PM Feb 25
CGCU Test Susan Keller     As requested
Therapy Dog Test Susan Keller     TBD
Trick Dog Test Susan Keller     As requested
Conformation Kay Cassella     As requested

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  Fee: The training fee will be payable on the first day of class.

Course Requirements

The cost for a 7 or 8-week session is $75 if this is the first class you have taken at MKKC. The cost is $65 if this is the second class you have taken at MKKC. We do offer a $10 discount to individuals with shelter or foster dogs. Current rabies vaccinations are required. The same owner/trainer must attend all classes. Owners/trainers under 18 years of age must have instructor approval. Class size is limited to 12 participants.

Payment & Vaccination Records

Please remit payment and current rabies vaccination records on the first night of class. Alternatively, you may also mail payment 10 days prior to class start date to: Manhattan Kansas Kennel Club, P.O. Box 73, Manhattan, KS 66505.

Your instructor and/or the training director will confirm your course enrollment by email confirmation within three business days.

Manhattan Kansas Kennel Club Policy Statement

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